"What if...?" Writing Challenge!

Entry Dates:

Submit your entry from Aug 20, 2021 – Sep 18, 2021. Awards to be announced by Sept 30th.

Here’s your chance to experience the fun of creating poetry or prose. It’s all about fun, creativity, positivity, and play as you explore the issues that are important to you. What if we held an Olympics where athletes didn’t compete against each other? What if I had Super Powers? What if my last day on earth was today? There are so many scenarios you could explore! Awards will be given based on originality, creativity, and willingness to explore challenging issues and solutions following high moral standards.

Poetry Rules:

Free Verse, Haiku, Sonnet, or your own style–choose any form.  Poetry uses line breaks for various reasons—to follow a formatted rhythm or to emphasize an idea. Lines can run extremely long or be as short as one word or letter. Write a poem between 12 and 24 lines. Make sure to give your poem a title.

Prose Rules:

Prose refers to typical writing, such as sentences, paragraphs, and stories. Pick a “What if…?” topic. What would it look like? What would happen if this “what if” scenario happened? Be sure to give a title to your writing piece. Write 1 to 3 paragraphs that expand on your topic. You could even choose to create a short fiction piece.

Special Summertime Discount Entry Fee: $1.99